A Continued Conversation with Dr. John Perkins


One month after joining staff as Willow’s new Church Engagement Director for the department of Compassion and Justice and I was receiving the opportunity of a lifetime – to help interview Dr. John Perkins. For years I have recognized Dr. Perkins as a community developer, advocate for racial reconciliation, and mentor to my mentors, but never would I imagine that I would be sitting in his living room!

On January 2nd I flew down to Mississippi with members of the video team to interview Dr. Perkins for the Martin Luther King Jr. Day worship services. We knew that we wanted to create a short video which would effectively introduce the congregation to the life and work of this civil rights icon. Just a couple minutes into what turned out to be a 5 hour interview we knew that Dr. Perkins was giving us gems of wisdom that far exceeded a simple retelling of his life-story.  As he expounded on his knowledge of justice and revealed his heart for reconciliation, it became clear that he considered this a great opportunity to share with Willow his hopes for the future of the Church.

In addition to viewing the video we shared for the Martin Luther King Jr. Day services below, we are pleased to offer our community an opportunity to continue the conversation. The three videos following in the subsequent posts are Dr. Perkins, in his own words, talking about the pain of his past, his hope for the future, and his passion for the God he loves.

-Austin Brown

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