Blitz Build Makes a Difference


The Building Blocks of Willow's Construction Teams

What makes volunteers at Willow sign up for construction projects year after year? "It's like a family reunion," explained Kim Rapach, who has participated several years in a row, and most recently as a team leader to rebuild a foreclosed home. Generally, the goal is to put people in safe, affordable, housing, but the real work is about developing relationships.

Strong friendships between the volunteers develop after laboring intensely for seven days together, not to mention a strong relationship with the homeowner. Taking vacation time to rebuild a home, or remodel a church kitchen, or rehab a store to give kids a job, is a "testimony of love, grace, and compassion."

Something to Build On

Kim admits that working side by side, the homeowners or recipients of the project are the hardest workers. But that's not all. Grateful for what they have received, it is common for the recipients to volunteer on the next housing project.

Still even more amazing, many of the homeowners have a new, improved perspective of the church through this experience. Some even make the decision to become baptized.

At the June 2010 baptism service at Willow, Kim was astounded to see so many people wearing t-shirts from her latest construction project either getting baptized, or helping someone else get baptized. Maybe that's why volunteering in this way is "addictive."

To watch a video about this year's Blitz Build impact, click here.

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