Cures Made Possible Through COH



Imagine holding your three-week-old baby in your arms and looking lovingly into his face. For nine months you’ve waited and prepared for him and now, he’s here. But something is wrong. Instead of seeing the sweet face of a newborn, there’s a grotesque flaw. That’s what Samuel’s mother experienced. Samuel, was born with a meningocele, or fluid sac on his face. Pressure on his bran from fluid buildup was a serious health concern. In addition, the sac made it difficult for him to breathe and almost impossible for her to breast feed him.

Samuel’s mother took him to the nursing room at SCCP (Samfya Community of Care Providers). He was referred to the CURE Hospital in Lusaka, Zambia where doctors applied two shunts to drain the fluid—both attempts failed, but the third shunt successfully drained the fluid. A surgeon from CURE was able to replace bone in Samuel’s forehead and seal the problem area. Needless to say, this has led to a dramatic change for both Samuel and his family.

As a toddler, Bridget, an orphan who lives with her aunt, sustained an infection that resulted in a draining fistula and loss of lip structure. It was difficult for her to eat and talk, but her aunt could not afford medical treatment. SCCP referred her to Smile Train and after two reconstructive surgeries, Bridget is able to close her mouth, eat, and speak more easily.

Thousands of lives are being improved due to medical support made possible by Celebration of Hope 2013. SCCP is able to support special surgeries like these, as well as monthly nutrition and hygiene support for clients, medication for the nursing room and for care providers with First Aid training, client medical referrals, a translator for the nursing room, and more.

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