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In June of 2012, work on the new 60,000-square-foot Care Center on the South Barrington campus began. One year later, with help from Willow staff and volunteers and generous financial support from the Willow congregants, the new Care Center will officially open on June 3.

“Our team can barely wait to swing open the doors to our guests,” said Josie Guth, the Care Center Director. “It has been three years since we first announced the move back onto campus. The time has allowed us to plan and complete the new Care Center, and now we are almost ready.”

Plans to move the Care Center were met with much excitement, sparking a wave of anticipation throughout the Willow community. From a spiritual viewpoint, moving the Care Center next to the church means that people who are seeking services from the center will be introduced to the church. Additionally, constructing a new building has allowed the Care Center team to add services that include healthcare and a children’s clothing store, as well as expand existing services.

“As you can imagine, there are so many details to cover in a project this big,” said Josie. The staff team has been working around the clock to ensure the new Care Center is properly equipped and the volunteers are ready for the grand opening.

“We have been training our volunteers in many new processes. We are building a new database that will be rolled out in the next few weeks; the construction team is putting the final touches on the building; and we are planning an engaging tour experience for the congregation to see the space,” said Josie. “It is a huge team effort.”

Beginning in May, Willow attenders will be offered the opportunity to tour the new Care Center facility. Those who are involved in section communities are encouraged to sign up for a tour with their section leader. All other attenders are welcome to sign up for a tour and take a sneak peak of the new facility before the doors open to guests on June 3.

“We are anticipating lots of new energy all around campus,” said Josie. “We can’t wait for our guests to experience the new building and most importantly our church community. We are also thrilled that many new Willow attenders will have an increased opportunity to serve.”

Although Care Center guests have always be invited and welcome to attend Willow, and thousands of Willow attenders have spent time serving Care Center guests, most attenders and guests have never crossed paths.  The new facility enables them to be under the same roof for the first time. “The Care Center staff is eagerly looking forward to the opportunities we have to learn from one another and do life together at a greater level,” says Josie.

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